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"Loving a dog gives great strength to man"

The passion, enthusiasm and love for dogs and hunting are, without a doubt, the motives behind our breeding farm.
Having a breeding farm means to lead a life of sacrifices, resignations and sometimes defeats, but at the same time priceless joy and satisfaction: proclaiming a champion, following its successes both during hunt tests and in dog show rings, fully rewards nights spent in attending a birth, the holidays (including Christmas and New Year's Eve) that goes by as any other day of the week: working.
The farm Allevamento della Terra dei Nuraghi has been accredited by E. N. C. I. and by F. C. I. in 2009, to Davide Ebau and his wife Francesca Mureddu, great admirers of the Italian Bracco: noble race, insatiable hunter with very lovi
ng nature.
The name of our farm is inspired by the mysterious charm of Sardinia and by its neolithic constructions (the Nuraghes), which are unique in the whole world.
The love for Italian Braccos was born many years ago; in Ebau's family never missed the pointing dogs: Setter, Epagneul Breton and Pointer preceded the Italian Bracco.
It was 1993 when a wonderful Roano-Brown puppy called Atena, came to be part of the family; she arrived in Sardinia at the age of 4 months from Dr. De Vecchi, Trecate (NO).
Immediately, Atena distinguishes herself in hunting, a passion that Davide cultivates since he was 6 years old, together with his father Salvatore: "a hunter by the dog and not for the hunting bag", a great expert and lover of the Alectoris Barbara (Sardinian partridge), which became the Davide's dogs peculiarity.
Our passion for this race grew quickly, an endless love bore and above all, the earlier Sardinian partridges hunting experiences began; and we had more other satisfactions.
In fact, the young dog started doing exhibitions and we soon got confirmations about her good morphology.
In 1996, Francesca met Atena (and Davide) and she was fascinated by the passion for dog breeding and hunting, topics totally unknown for her until then.
In 1999, there was the first litter, two dogs especially will always remain in our hearts: Zeus and Maia, both proclaimed Italian Champions of Beauty.
We started with them, even though inexperienced and immature, the earlier hunting trials in which our dogs always have shown resolution, courage and passion getting optimal results.
Our desire of doing better and better grew; the breeding centre spread out and many Italians Braccos arrived; each one with important morphology and hunting capacity: Oxia (rancher Giovanni Barbieri) is an Italian and International Champion of Beauty, good hunter with a very strong nature, wonderful breeder dog; Rea (Camp. Zeus X Camp. Oxia), optimal hunting and important breeder; Alpino delle Terre Alliane,Italian and International Champion of Beauty and Best of Breed; he was judged several times as excellent on Sardinian partridges hunting; he got the Bird Dog Licence and is used both for hunting and trials.
Conan di Cascina Merigo, son of the great Bagai, a dog who wrote the history of the Italian Bracco in snipes hunting, Italian and International Champion of Beauty, licenced as Bird Dog, Champion in Lisbon 2009, judged excellent on Sardinian partridges trials.
Today there's Ares della Terra dei Nuraghi, born in late 2009; he has been proclaimed Italian Champion of Beauty at 21 months of age, and won the first CAC for Sardinian partridges at the age of 15 months. Experts say he has invidiable hunting and morphological skills.
For sure, he is the best Italian Pointer that Sardinia has ever had: he is the spearhead of our farm. He won the "Isola dei Nuraghi" trophy two years in a row, proving to be "good and nice"; this trophy goes to the Italian Bracco that gets the highest score between Sardinian partridge special tests and races meeting.
But Ares della Terra dei Nuraghi is not the unique exemplar of our farm: recently in Colombia, Circe della Terra dei Nuraghi, age 12 months, was proclaimed Champion of Colombia, together with Basilea della Terra dei Nuraghi.
Last June, in New York, arrived Buno della Terra dei Nuraghi, employed in Connecticut in ducks and partridges hunting; its owner, which has Italian roots, feels great passion and satisfaction for his dog.
We've even delivered some puppies that are now estimated truffle hunters.

We don't want to stop talking about other dogs delivered in Italy and in Sardinia; all are excellent hunters and have optimal morphology.
Recently, a young Roano-brown has come in our farm: she is Tea and she won a trial with Sardinian partridges, at the age of 12 months; in her first international exhibition she won the 1° Exc. BOB place in junior class, and also the 1st place in the Italian Races Meeting; she is a very important dog to improve our breeding farm.
We select only the best dogs, both for morphological and nature features; greed, sense of wildness, non-moving pointing, bringing back capacity, connection and intelligence observed in various phases of the day, are key parameters for the future.
We have been 19 years breeding Italian Braccos and we are satisfied: the road we took has been hard and heavy, we always try to improve with passion and perseverance; at the end the result arrive and encourage us to reach new goals together with this wonderful race, which is our life partner.
Francesca Mureddu, born in1976: nowadays she is a ENCI delegate for exhibition, hunting-licence owner, she watch daily food and sanitary requirements for dogs in our farm; she looks after the logistic aspects of exhibitions in which we participate; she manages the delivery of our puppies in Italy and abroad.
Davide Ebau, born in 1974: today is a  ENCI delegate for exposures and hunting trials, S.A.B.I.  (Society Amateur Bracco Italiano) delegate in Sardinia, hunting-licence owner; in our farm he takes responsability for dogs hunting-training, exhibitions and hunt tests.

"On average, your dog will live ten to fifteen years and he'll love you throughout his life. If your life were of a hundred years he'd love you all the hundred years. If it were of a thousand years he'd be your friend for a thousand years. You can count on him at any time, because your dog is the only living being that will love you for eternity, whatever you do or have done in the past "

Davide and Francesca.

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